Race Night #3 - Thursday July 30

Action BMX is the place to race this year. Our last race was a night of exciting racing. Join us for another great night this Thursday.

Last race we had to break into two blocks and more than likely we will have to do it again.

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AT 6PM WEDNESDAY JULY 29. If we exceed the maximum number, we reserve the right to close registration early.

  • All registrations must be done online https://forms.gle/DDHuqM9E3Vxz35nt6
  • All riders must have a Cycling BC licence https://cyclingbc.net/membership/registration/
    • UCI Licence - Recommended for all children under 12.
    • Provincial RACE License - Recommended for youth over 12
    • Cycling for All Membership (formerly Provincial Ride) - Recommended for Adults who only want to ride club races
  • We are currently unable to offer one-day licences

Due to the large number of riders, we will have limit it to one adult per family unless you are volunteering https://forms.gle/nRSbb3ZwxoYMyeZx6

Once registration is closed, you will receive an email with the start times and any special instructions


  • Full face helmets & gloves must always be worn in staging and on the track. If you have goggles or glasses it is recommended to wear them.
    • Half trackers can continue to wear half shell helmets.
  • Make sure you wear long sleeves and pants or race shorts and shin guards.
  • Practice social distancing, use sanitizers and if unable to maintain social distance please wear a mask.
  • Concession will not be open, please bring your own well marked water bottle and avoid sharing anything with another athlete.
  • Please ensure a physical distance between cars to allow for social distancing when entering or leaving.