New Rider Info

Often newcomers to BMX have a lot of questions about the sport, the equipment required and how races work. We'll do our best to answer most of these questions below: 

What is a BMX Race?
In simple terms a BMX race can be described as "sprint cycling over a specially prepared dirt race track". Races are run on tracks that are usually 300- 400 meters long and consist of a series of jumps and bumps with banked corners known as "berms". Riders race each other over one lap with a maximum of eight riders in each race.

Who races BMX bikes?
Our members are drawn from all areas and backgrounds, with riders from four years of age up to forty plus. They race against riders of their own age or ability group. The people and families involved are usually interested in bikes, competitive sport and the physical/ mental health benefits cycling offer. The sport also prides itself on the ability to offer equal opportunities to both sexes and top class competitive sport to all members. It is common for the whole family to be involved. The family nature gives the race day far more depth and dimension than just a simple race - it is an Event!

Is it safe?
Even though BMX Racing is a fast, exhilarating sport, its safety record is second to none within the cycling sport. At each event, qualified first aid personnel are present.  At all events riders are required to wear suitable safety equipment, the details of which  are covered futher down on this page.

How old do I have to be?  Do I need experience?
BMX racing welcomes male and females of all ages and abilities and offers the opportunity for riders to compete and build confidence in a non-threatening, zero tolerance
environment.  Our youngest racers are 3 years old and you are never too old to start racing BMX!

Who makes the rules?
Action BMX racing club is a volunteer run non-profit organization that runs as a affiliate club under the guidlines of Cycling BC which is  governed by the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) as well as by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

Licensing and Insurance
Due to Insurance Issues, any rider on a BMX race track must have one of the two licenses available for BMX Racers: I am just starting out, is there a license that allows me to 
try BMX? Yes, the first time you come to a BMX track you can try the sport by sign a one-event waiver.  If you enjoyed your time you can them buy a 30-day license. This permit allows you to race at your local track, take part in Beginner Clinics, practice on scheduled practice nights and take part in all local track activities.  This is a good idea for the racers that is “not quite sure” that BMX Racing is for them.  This license has the SAME Insurance Coverage as the full license and can be upgraded to the Full License at any time by paying the additional amount.  I want to race every track and collect points. How do I do that? This is the full UCI race license that is accepted Canada and 
WorldWide.  The license is issued by Calendar Year (Jan 1 to Dec 31) and can be purchased at any time throughout the race season.  This license will also allow you to participate in Cycling BC, CCA and UCI sanctioned events world wide, but we do strongly suggest that any time you race outside of Canada that you take out additional Insurance Coverage available through the CCA.  UCI race licenseprices vary by class and are available online at cyclingbc.netor at your local track. You can race the complete Provincial, and National series on this license as well as any UCI event in the World.

How Race Day Works
What do I do when I arrive at the track on race day? Make your way to the Registration booth - state your name and show your license. You will be required to pay a small 
registration fee and the volunteer will place you in the Race Day file. You are now registered to race!  Make sure your bike is in good working condition.  If you are not sure, ask to have it inspected before you go on the track to practice. How do I know when the races are going to start? Just before race time we will announce: “Motos are posted”.  It is your responsibility to check the moto board, find your moto(race number) and make sure you are in the right class (age and ability).  Write your moto number and lane numbers 
down, or commit them to memory.  When riders are called to staging (area behind start gate) make your way there.  It is up to you to make sure you are in the gate for your moto – GATES WILL NOT BE HELD FOR ANY RIDER.  When you are in the gate, get set and wait for the cadence “Riders Ready, Watch the Gate, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep” The gate will drop and you are officially off! After you have completed your moto, proceed through the finish area.  DO NOT STOP at the finish line, this is a safety issue. Do I leave right after racing is over? At the completion of the days races feel free to practice more, talk to other riders, grab a snack!  If you have won an award, proceed to the Registration booth and line up in an orderly fashion. The points from your motos will be tabulated and you will be presented with an award based on your finish.  Be Proud no matter your finish!

Riders Code of Conduct:
1. ALWAYS obey by the rules
2. Cooperate and respect all volunteer/officials
3. MUST always ride with correct equipment
4. Respect other riders
5. Respect and represent your club in an 
    appropriate manner
6. Help your club and other riders when necessary
7. ABOVE all you MUST be a good sport

Parent Code of Ethics:
1. Encourage appropriately
2. Show appreciation of volunteers, coaches etc
3. Respect official/ volunteer decisions
4. Teach your child to respect any decisions made
5. NEVER use social media to vent frustration
6. Never swear or abuse other parents
7. Volunteer and help your club when needed

    Action BMX does have limited loaner equipment including bikes, full-face helmets and pads for people looking to try the sport before making the investment in thier own equipment. We ask that new riders limit their use of this equipment to 5 or 6 races so that other new riders have a chance to try thesport as well.  We are also more than happy to help you find new or used equipment that will fit your price range. Below is the list of the safety equipment that is required to race and practice on the track. This equipment must be worn at all times.

MANDATORY Each rider must have the following:
    Full Face helmet
    Long sleeve shirt of any kind. 
    Long pants – jeans are fine, must be snug 
    Full finger Gloves
    Enclosed shoes -no sandals
    Working Rear brakes

RECOMENDED Extra equipment to keep riders safe:
    Elbow and Knee pads
    Chest/ Back protector
    Neck brace
    Motocross pants