October 18 Yearend Windup

Oct 18 - We held our annual year end pizza and pool party on October 17. Huge thanks to ARTRAGEOUS for all our year end awards including race jersey's, hoodies, jackets and tees.

Half Track awards

Congrats Action BMX Top 10 (based on points earned):

#10 Tyson Kennedy

#9 Tyler Bernabe

#8 Kelly Gudmandson

#7 Darion Kennedy

#6 Reighan Hill

#5 Lukas Ferguson

#4 Jack MacQuarrie

#3 Connor McCormick

#2 Heather Tocher

#1 Laurie Harding

Congrats Special Rider Award Winners:

Sportperson of the Year: Lukas Ferguson

Most Improved Jumper: Holden DiPiazza

Worst Crash: Lachlan Hotchkiss

Best Gates: Laurie Harding

Most Improved Male: Kevin Berera

Most Improved Female: Reighan Hill

Rookie of the Year: Lucas Zhou

Half Tracker of the Year: Owen McKay

Most Dedicated: Linden Erickson

Smoothest Rhythm: Adam Bauder

Best Manuals: Eric Drotar