Rider Development

Action BMX will be offering a weekly rider development session for all club members. These sessions will focus on building the riders understanding and skill on the racetrack. These sessions are intended for the novice, intermediate and expert riders. The cost is $7/beginner & novice session and $7 for intermediate/expert.

The following is information about Rider Development.

  • Coaching will be every Monday from 6-7 for Beginner/Novice then at 7:15-8:15 for intermediate/expert..
  • Track will be closed on Mondays from 6-8:20 for all riders not participating in the session
  • All riders must be licensed members, OR have signed a one-day waiver
  • All riders are to sign up online prior to the start of the session. See post on main screen.
  • Any riders wishing to use club equipment should arrive early to do so BEFORE the beginning of the session.
  • Riders participating must be on pedal bikes with no training wheels and also must have hand brakes.
  • Rider should be able to pedal around the track standing up.
  • Riders arriving late must sign in before joining the session in progress.
  • All regular rules apply regarding equipment, conduct, and safety