Action's Grand Finale

Yesterday was our last race for this season. The weather was beautiful, though a little cold. Everyone was having fun racing, costumes, and pumpkin races. We’d like to thank Vera's Burger Shack for supplying us with such great tasting food.

The race results are posted

When our season was supposed to start in the spring, we had just been locked down. We immediately started planning on how we could operate in this strange new world. From electronic registration, cashless payments to reduced gates. Everything seemed strange but we soon got used to the new reality.

We were only able to start practicing in June and we had our first race on July 16th and by extending our season past our normal yearend in September, we were able to complete 16 races.

Thanks to all those who are members of Action BMX Club and to those riders from the neighbouring tracks who supported us this year. We look forward to seeing you next year. We plan on reopening at the beginning of April. Hopefully, thing will be more normal then.