Little Riders

We are often asked if there is racing for little riders, and the answer is a definite yes!

 For our youngest riders we run "half track" racing. Riders start on the third straight of the track, and race around the final corner and down the last straight. The obstacles are relatively small in this area of the track so young ones are easily able to negotiate them. These "Half Trackers" are typically new riders to BMX, riders that have just learned to ride on their own two wheels, as well as riders on run bikes with a parent helping them along. It's a great place to teach the kids sportsmanship by "high fiving" or "fist pumping"  at the end of each moto. We have had riders as young as two years old out racing!

Half track racing will be done at the break every Thursday. The half trackers have a total of 3 motos that are run back to back. 

Half-track riders require an annual license but there is no cost for the weekly racing, and all half-track participants receive a treat at the end of their third moto each week for their efforts. When a half-tracker is ready to move up to full-track racing, they simply need to upgrade their license and they are ready to go! Typically, half-track racers should be doing full track by the age of six, and often they are ready even earlier!


As the half-track racers are not using the starting gate and are travelling at slower speeds, they are not required to have all the safety gear that the full track racers require. Half-track riders are allowed to race with a regular bicycle helmet, and we ask that they wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Gloves are also a really good idea--even gardening style gloves will work!